The main objectives of the organization is to ensure the status in each country of the Asia Pacific Region as a vital part of the cultural scenario by developing and strengthening it. 

1.To revive languishing crafts in these regions.

2.To improve the quality of life of the craftsperson of the Asia Pacific Region.

3.To enhance the quality of crafts.

4.To promote, develop, maintain, strengthen and ensure status of crafts as an important medium of artistic expression.

5.To serve as an agency of co-operation between member countries in general.

6.To offer technical assistance by training courses, workshops and financial assistance to craftspersons through the establishment of an Asia Pacific Craft Fund.

7.To disseminate knowledge by lectures, seminars, etc.

8.To provide a network and fellowship among craftspersons of the various nations, and to ensure that they are in communication with each other.