27th Regional Assembly 2004 Metsovo, Greece

The 27th WCC-Asia Pacific Regional Assembly was held in the picturesque hill town of Metsovo in Northern Greece at the Egnatius Epirus Foundation on the 1st of June 2004. Please click here for a photo gallery of this event.

  • The Assembly began with a welcome by Mrs. Elena Averoff, the host and President of the WCCI. She was very appreciative of the Report presented by the Asia Pacific Region.

  • The Regional President for Asia Pacific Region, Mrs. Vijaya Rajan next gave the welcome address and read out the regrets sent by member countries who were not able to participate.

  • The voting rights were approved.

The National Entity member countries who participated in the programmes as follows:

  • China

  • India

  • Lebanon

  • Malaysia

  • Kuwait

  • Thailand

  • Srilanka

  • Central Asia

  • Bangladesh

  • Nepal

  • Indonesia

  • Korea

  • Iran

Besides this category, the other category of members present are Associate Members and Individual members

  • India

  • Malaysia

  • Nepal

  • Kyrgyzstan

  • Lebanon

Ms. Zakiah Binti Ahmad, Director General, Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation was unanimously elected as the next President of Asia Pacific and will assume charge from October 15th, 2004.

The 5 sub-regional Vice-Presidents were elected as follows: Ms. Ruby Ghuznavi, Vice-President of South Asia, Mr. Chinnaphat, Vice-President for South East Asia & Pacific Region. Ms. Ghada Hijjawi ,Vice-President, West Asia, Ms. Dinara Chochunbaeva, Vice-President of Central Asia, Mr. Shi Xiaoguang of China,Vice-President of East Asia.

The plan of action for the next year was discussed. Please look at the Calendar of Events for the forthcoming programmes.