Executive Board Members


Mr.Pushkar Man Shakya
Title: Vice President of South Asia Sub-Region
Country: Nepal
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Mrs.Vita Gamawan Fauzi
Title:  Vice President of South East Asia
Country: Indonesia
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Prof. Kim Ji Hee
Title: Vice President of East Asia Subregion
Country: South Korea
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Ms. Hisako Sumi
Title: Vice President of East Asia Subregion
Country: Japan
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Personal Data
Mr.Pushkar Man Shakya

Pushkar Man Shakya who has been known entrepreneur for the development of the Nepalese Handicrafts exports to west European countries and USA in late 70′s. He is a known person in the fields of handicrafts and carpets world. His personality of various dimensions in the fields of industry as well as in business ventures. He is the jewel of all entrepreneur experience in the fields of exportable items of Nepal whether it is Garment or Orthodox tea. He is being a member of pioneer exporters family in late 50’s. He breathes in handicraft business and dreamed in the development of crafts by his vast experience in the export field. He has always been involved with business association whether it is handicraft association or carpet association. He is always a part of all the organization formations. He was a founder member of many organizations like Nepal German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nepal Carpet Exporters Association, Lalitpur Heritage and Conservation Groups. He has been participating and contributing his knowledge by imparting to all friends and associates. His involvement in many government formed committees like export procedure committee formed under His Majesty the government of Nepal, Commerce ministry, and member in Nepal wool and carpet development board. He worked as a general secretary in Chambers and introduces the new idea of introducing assistance with training to the member, associating with foreign donor agencies, and so on. Besides his involvement in business organizations, he is also active in social life. Since 1974 he has been involved in many social organizations like in Jaycees, Heritage societies, Cancer relief society, Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Heart Foundations and Rotary. He is presently vice president of World Craft council Asia pacific Region-South Asia .


Director: Shakya Art Emporium Pvt.Ltd.

Proprietor: S 3 International

Director: Premier Finance Co.Ltd.

Immediate past President: Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal

Past President: Rotary Club of Patan

Past Assistance Governor: Rotary International District 3290 Nepal

Past Regional Coordinator Rotary International District 3290 Nepal

The Rotary International Grant Coordinator 2007/2008 District 3290 Nepal

Chairman Membership Development committee 2008/2009 R.I.District 3292

Chairman Club Services 2009/2010 R.I.District 3292

Chairman Rotary Foundation Alumni 2010/2011 R.I.District 3292

Vice President: Nepal German Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Treasurers: Lalitpur Heritage and Conservation Groups

Member: Proposal Action Committee

Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Advisor: Nepalese Carpets Exporters Association

Lalitpur Handicraft Association


Personal Data
Prof. Kim Ji Hee
Name : Prof. Kim Ji Hee
Tel: 82-53-743-4300
Fax: 82-53-766-5764// 981-7001
Email: kimjh4300@empas.com
Website: www.naturaldyeing.net
Occupation: Director, Museum of Natural Dye Arts

Education Back Grounds

BA. Seoul National University

MA. Kyung Hee University

Tokyo National University of Arts (Post MA. of Dye and Textile Design)

Ph.D. Daegu University


Prize of Minister of Culture and Information 19th National Arts Exhibition (National Modern Museum)

International Prize of Fuji TV, 21st International Asian Modern Art Exhibition (Tokyo Museum)

The First Prize of Indigo Section by UNESCO Crafts Prize 1998.

Prize of International Arts of Peace Festival

Prize of Mokyang Memorial Craft Arts.

Grand prix of COREE 2002, Art Contemporary Invite Par Le Mairie De Reme Amondisement De Paris.

Grand prix for Culture 2002 of Daegu Metropolitan City

The Best Prize for Textile Arts 2002 of Daegu Metropolitan city.

Other 10 Prizes.


1977-1999, Solo-Exhibition of 6 times at Daegu Department Gallery, Yi-Mok Gallery Daegu, Hyundai Gallery Seoul. Don-A Gallery Daegu, Ye-Narh Gallery Seoul and Debec Plaza Gallery Daegu

1996-2001, Solo-Exhibition of 4 times for Natural Dye at Debec Gallery Daegu, Ye-Narh Gallery Seoul, Debec Plaza Gallery Daegu and Chungsan Gallery Daegu

1980-2002, Solo-Exhibition of 7 times for Natural Dye at Ginza Tokyo, Paris France, Copen hagen Denmark, Colmar France, Iowa Museum in Iowa University USA, Asian Center in UBC Canada and Nebraska Textile Gallery in Nebraska University USA

2001 Textile Arts Show at Colmar France

2003 Fashion Show for Natural Dye at Kuching Indonesia (2003 Echo-Fiber and Textile Forum)

2003 Invited exhibition by IOWA State University U.S.A

2004 Invited exhibition by UBC Canada

2005 Invited exhibition by Nebraska State University U.S.A

Group Exhibitions (Out of Countries only)

Exhibition of Korean Modern Artists (Niko Gallery Istan Dpt. Tokyo Japan

Invited by National Arts Exhibition (National Museum of Modern Arts Seoul)

Touring Exhibition “ Today of Korean Fiber Arts and Metal Arts” (Tokyo, LA,NY, Paris and Seoul)

18th-22nd International Asian Modern Art Exhibition (Tokyo Museum Japan)

The Korean Fiber Arts Biennale Exhibition with the Others (Smend ∼Gallery Kolen Germany and Seoul)

2001 Invitation au Micro-Foire de Colmar France

2003 Invited group exhibition by Taipei Univ. of Arts

2004 Jewelry Symposium and show Chennai India

2007 Invited group fashion show by Korean Council of L.A. USA

2007 fashion show at Hydrabat India

2008 fashion show ISEND2008 Korea

2009 fashion show ISEND2009 Korea


Professor, Catholic University of Daegu

President, (Corporation) The Association of Korean Natural Dye  Crafts and Design

Chairperson, The Society of Korean Natural Dyeing (SKND)

Director, Museum of Natural Dye Arts

Member of Committee for Cultural Assets of Cultural Properties Administration Korea

Executive Chairperson, International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dye 2008∼2009 (ISEND2008∼2009)

Board member of Korean Museum Association

Vice president of World Craft Council-Asia Pacific Region (WCC-APR)

Personal Data
Ny. Hj. Vita Gamawan Fauzi, SH
Name : Ny. Hj. Vita Gamawan Fauzi, SH
City/Date of Birth: Jakarta, 20 September 1957
Address: Jl. Widya Chandra I No. 1 Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Selatan
Email: ?
Website: ?
Occupation: ?

History of Designations/Experience

a. Executive Chairman of Indonesia National Crafts Council, 2009 – Now

b. Chairman of Provincial Crafts Council of West Sumatera, 2005 – 2009

c. Chairman of Regional Crafts Council of Solok, 1995 - 2005