Executive Board Members


Mr. Ahmed Saleh al-Farisi
Representative of Chairperson
Title: Chief of Chairperson’s Office
Country: Oman
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Dr.Bahman Namvar Motlagh 
Deputy of Handicrafts - 
 Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization ( ICHHTO)
Title:  Vice President of West Asia Sub-Region
Country: Iran
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Ms. Dinara Chochunbaeva
Title: Vice President of Central Asia Subregion
Country: Kyrgyzstan
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Ms.Aizhan Bekkulova
Title: Vice President of Central Asia Subregion
Country : Kazakhstan
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Ms. Manjari Nirula
Title: Vice President of South Asia Subregion
Country : India
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Personal Data
Ahmed Saleh Yousuf Alfarsi
Name : Ahmed Saleh Yousuf Alfarsi
Date of Birth: 06-06-1966
Nationality: Oman
Address: P.O box 285 madinat Sultan Qaboos, postal code 115 Oman
Date and Place of Birth: Home 00(968) 24486 115, Mobile 00 (968) 9440362
Email: as94ss@hotmail.com
General Profile
Educated in the UK up to Master level, and preparing to do PhD in Human Resource Management. Have been working for the Ministry of Civil Service, this Ministry serves all government units that fall under the umbrella of the Civil Service law. Have been involved in many training courses in and out of Oman. Hard working and like challenging.

Master of Arts in Training and Human Resource Development ( based on research and assignments , the dissertation research title; an     analytical study of employees appraisal system in the government sector in the Sultanate of Oman). Warwick University. UK.


English Language, academic, business and general, Edinburgh University, UK.


BA in Law, University of Cairo. Egypt.


Completed Higher Secondary School,  Sohar Secondary School, Sohar, Oman.

Employment History
2012 - now Chief office of The Chairperson Office. Public Authority for Craft Industries. Oman.
2010 - 2012 Advisor for the Chairperson for Planning.Public Authority for Craft Industries.
2008 - 2009 General Director for Craft care. Public Authority for craft Industries
2004 - 2008 General Director for planning and development. Public Authority for Craft Industries
1999- 2004 Director of Organisation and Administrative Development. Ministry of Civil Service, Oman
1992-1999 Director of Follow –up. Ministry of Civil Service. Oman
1989-1992 Legal Researcher. Ministry of Civil Service. Oman
Training Courses and Conferences
August2008 The Arab first Gathering for Strategic Planning. The Arad State Organization. Morocco.
June 2008 Scientific meeting for The Successful Strategy for leadership practice. Muscat. Oman.

International Conference for e-information Security. Muscat

Municipality and The Arab Organization For Administrative Development. Muscat . Oman.

September2005 Successful practice in Ammonization Development. The Arab Organization for Administrative development.
May 2005 Learning organization training programme. Gulf initiative for training and consultant, Muscat, Oman.
August 2004 The Thirteenth Annual Conference for Training. Casablanca. Morocco.
June 2002 New Methods and Approaches for Organisation Development, Arab Administrative Development Organisation.
February 2002 Seventh Annual Conferences. Human Resource Development in A Knowledge-Based Economy. The Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research. Abu Dhabi. UAE
April 2001 Organisation and Methods. Centre for Preparing Leaders for Government Sector. Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.
March 1996 Managing and Planning Human Resources. Atlanta Management Institute, Atlanta. USA.
January 1996 Work Stress Management. Public Administration Institutes, Muscat. Oman
August 1989 Training Course in Computre. Ministry of Civil service, Oman.
Additional Work Experience
Participated for three years as a member of committee for the Ministry of education for teacher selection from Egypt (92, 93, and 95). Work as a member of Job Classification committee, Ministry of Civil service. Participate in planning of the training courses for the Ministry of Civil Services Employees. Have been worked as discipline council chairperson in the Authority and member of other mission such as Staff committee in the organization. Member of high committee of His Majesty Award of Excellence for Voluntary Work. Member of High committee of His Majesty award of Excellence for Craft.
Personal Data
Dinara Chochunbaeva
Vice President of Central Asia Subregion
Name : Dinara Chochunbaeva
Date of birth : September 5th 1956
Sex : Female

Moscow Polygraph Institute, Department of Art and Technical Design of Printed Products

Bachelor Degree in Book Design
1980-1983 Post-graduate studies at I.Repin Academy of Art, Leningrad, USSR, Department of Painting, Bishkek branch. Master Degree.

Series of trainings on leadership and organization management, Counterpart Consortium, Bishkek;
Workshop on management of social projects, SEWA - Indian Self Employment Women Association, Hyderabad, India;
International Workshop on Handicrafts and Cultural Tourism Development, NGOs “Hand Made” and “Aid to Artisans”, Ashville, USA;


Kyrgyz, Russian – excellent; English, Kazakh, Uzbek – good; Turkish – understand.

Professional Experience:

2005 – PRESENT
Member of Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, under UNESCO, since 2012

Coordinator of the Project “Advancing women’s economic opportunities in Fergana valley handicraft and textile supply chain”, 2012-2014

President of the Kyrgyz Crafts Council, 2012
Vice-president of the World Craft Council-Asia Pacific for Central Asia, since 2011
Participant of Central Asia and Afghanistan Women’s Economic Symposium, Bishkek, 2011
Representative of Kyrgyzstan at International electronic network of consultants in Handicraft sphere RIDANET (www.ridanet.org)
Speaker at Central Asian Panel of the Biennial Symposium of American Textile Society in Lincoln, Nebraska, 2010
Director of the Project “Beauty in Harmony with Nature: Kyrgyz Traditional Craft Technologies and Ornament” (2009-2011, supported by the Christensen Fund)
Jury member of UNESCO Award of Excellence Program China, Korea, India, Mongolia, (2005-2009)
Director of CACSARC-kg Public Foundation (Central Asia Craft Support Association’s Resource Center in Kyrgyzstan), since 2008
Coordinator of the Regional Program “UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicraft Products in Central Asia” (since 2004)


Organizer of the Festival on Central Asian people’s culture in Headquarter of UNESCO in Paris

Manager of “Art-Culture Program” of Swiss Cooperation Office in Kyrgyzstan (2001 - 2004)

Speaker at the International Conference “Culture and Art of Turkish World”, Ankara, Turkey (2004)
Jury member of UNESCO Award of Excellence Program Thailand, Korea, Mongolia, (2003-2005)
Member of Jury of UNESCO Prize for handicraft products, 2001, India
Coordinator of the International Art Festival on cultural tolerance “Peace and Respect”, Osh city, Kyrgyzstan (supported by Swiss Cooperation Office and Agha-Khan Foundation)
Initiator and conductor of the International Biennial Felt Symposium in Kyrgyzstan (2001,2003,2005)
Manager of the project “Economic Empowerment of Rural Women through Handicrafts Development” in the frame of UNDP Poverty Alleviation Program in Kyrgyzstan
President of Central Asia Crafts Support Association (2000 - 2008)
Supervisor of the Cultural Exchange Project between contemporary artists of Kyrgyzstan and Austria (funded by Ministry of Culture of Austria).


Organizer of the Kyrgyz Modern and Folk Art Exhibitions in the building of the United Nations, Bishkek

Organizer of the International Creative Workshop for the professional women-artists, funded by Bureau “Women in Development”, Kyrgyzstan

Coordinator of the Kyrgyz Traditional Music and Fine Art Program in the Edinburgh International Festival (funded by British Council in Central Asia)
Visit Japan as a member of Culture Exchange Program
Local Consultant for the project of British Museum “Striking Tents”
Member of Team for the creation of the National Strategy for the Development of Culture in Kyrgyzstan
Manager of the Project “Revival and Development of Traditional Kyrgyz Crafts”, funded by Aid to Artisans
Supported to establish communities of craftsmen in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan (Issyk-Kul and Osh districts).


Organizer of the several exhibitions of Kyrgyz Modern and Folk art at the UN office in Tashkent

Participant of the Central Asian Studies Conference at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Lecturer on Traditional Kyrgyz Culture and conductor of the series of workshops on Kyrgyz Handicrafts at the Art Colleges in Sweden (invited by Museum of Anthropology in Gothenburg)
Manager of the Kyrgyz-British Project “The Kyrgyz Yurt” on producing the traditional Kyrgyz portable dwelling – Yurt as an educational center of traditional culture of Central Asian people
Coordinator of the Research-project “Organization of Self-Employment for the Population in Tamchy Village, Kyrgyzstan”
Founder and co-director of NGOs “Talents Support Fund” and “Kyrgyz Style”
Vice-President of the Associated Schools of UNESCO in USSR
Director of the Republican Center of Aesthetic Education for Children (1986 - 2000).


Creative activities. Free lance artist

Art editor at the “Kyrgyzstan” Publishing House, Bishkek.


Managed the publication of several catalogs of artisans and designers of Central Asia, 1995-2012

Published own anthropological novel for children “My Granny’s Doll”, 2006

Managed the publication of Catalog of Contemporary Kyrgyz Artists, 1995

Compiled and designed of the album of children’s creative works “Epic Manas through the Eyes of Children”, Bishkek 1996

Managed the publication of Catalog of the First International Felt Symposium in Kyrgyzstan, 2001

Managed the publication of the book ”Call of our Ancestors ” on sacred sites of Kyrgyzstan, 2001

Published over 20 articles on traditional culture and crafts development in local and regional newspapers and magazines, 2001-2006.


Member of Artists Union in Kyrgyz Republic; Titles: “Excellent Worker of Educational System of Kyrgyz Republic”, “Honorary worker of Culture of Kyrgyz Republic”.

Personal Data
Aizhan Bekkulova
Vice President of Central Asia Subregion
Name : Aizhan Bekkulova
Date of birth : 27.09.1954
Place of Birth: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Home Address: Apt. 26, Kazybek Bi Street 85, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan
Contacts: Tel: +7 727 2646264, +7 727 2780632
E-mail Address: aizhanbekkulova@mail.ru
1989-1993 Kazakh State Art Academy named after Zhurgenev,Faculty of Decorative and Applied Art
1980-1981 Courses of advanced studies for Creative specialists and managers in Cinematography
1972-1976 Kazakh State Academy of National Economy, Faculty of Finance and Credit
1999 Natural Dye», Aid to Artisans, Kyrgyzstan
1997 Leadership and Development of NGO», USAID, USA
1995-1998 Bases of Leadership, Management and Fundraising, Tactics and Strategy of NGO, Strategic Planning of NGO», Counterpart Consortium, Kazakhstan
Professional Experience
1976-1978 Soviet Union Science and Research Institute of Reinforcement Construction, junior science officer
1978-1993 Kazakhfilm” Movie Production, Feature-, Chronicles and Documentary Films, Line producer
1994-1998 League of Women of Creative Initiative, Vice-President
1995-1998 “Most” Artist Association, member
1998 up to now Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, member
2000 up to now Public Foundation “Our Heritage”, President
2004 up to now World Craft Council-Europe, member
2005 up to now CACSA (Central Asia Craft Support Association), member
1995-1997 Great Central-Asian crafts fair, provider
2005 up now (Almaty)
1999 Participant of the “Women’s Initiative” Conference, Bremen, Germany
1995 Participant of the International Women Forum, Beijing, China
1995 Member of the Steering Committee of the International Conference “Culture of Central Asia in the transition period” financed by the Holland Fund “Hivos”
1995 Organizer of the Round Table on women’s problems in Central Asia, Almaty
1995-1997  Organizer of three International Exhibitions “Woman. East-West”, Almaty, Bishkek
1995-1997 Project Manager of «Aid to artisans” Program for students of the Decorative and Applied Art College, Almaty
1996  Project Manager “English in Winter”, Almaty
2006 Co-chairman of National Council support program for artisan’s development in Kazakhstan, initiated by Chevron Corporation and Eurasia Foundation
2006 Participant of International Natural Dye Symposium, Hyderabad, India
2006 Jury member of International “Seal of Excellence” UNESCO Competition
2006 up to now Trainer and organizer of the numerous workshops in Kazakh traditional craft

Participant of General Assembly WCC in China

2009  Jury member of International Youth “Shabyt” Competition – section of applied art, Astana, Kazakhstan

Jury member of the “Best Artisan” Competition, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Works are placed at the State Museum of Art named after Kasteev; Museum of Modern Art in Turin, Italy; Headquarter of Mobil Company in the USA; Centre of Applied Art in Cheongu, Korea; President Palace in Kazakhstan; Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan; US Embassy in Kazakhstan; private collections of Germany, USA, France, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan etc.

“3rd International Competition of artists of Applied Art, Life in Art”, Cheongu, South Korea– Honorable mention.

The winner of the exhibition-competition “Souvenir of Kazakhstan” held by the Centre of Modern Art “Soros-Kazakhstan”.

Author of numerous publications on problems of craftsmanship and popularization of traditional arts.

From 2006 up to now – Vice-president of CACSA in Kazakhstan.

Works placed in catalogues and books:

Biennale «Dialogues-95», Saint-Petersburg
“MOST” Group in 1995, Almaty
Most Art Association, 1996, Almaty
«Assia…or the country of Demiurges», 2000, Almaty
“New Generation” Exhibition, CDH, Moscow 2003

«Ecology» Exhibition, CDH, Moscow 2004

«Decorative Art of Kazakhstan» 1999, «Didar»

«Decorative Art of Kazakhstan» 2003, Chevron Texaco

«Spirit of Kazakhstan», ExxonMobil

«ТО1902002 Manufacture aristocratiche», 2002, Turin, Italy

“3rd International Competition of artists of Applied Art, Life in Art”, Cheongu, South Korea
As well as other newspapers and magazines
Personal Data
Manjari Nirula
Vice President of South Asia Subregion
Name : Manjari Nirula
Address: A-13, ANAND NIKETAN, NEW DELHI – 110 021, INDIA
E-mail Address: nirula.manjari@gmail.com


1968 Delhi University, Miranda House New Delhi, India (Bachelors of Arts with Honors in Economics)
1965 Modern School New Delhi, India (Higher Secondary Central Board)
Professional Experience
Over 32 years experience with Revival of languishing crafts, Documentation and Design Development, Marketing of crafts
Designing exhibitions to promote Indian crafts
Participating in exhibitions- putting artisans in touch with buyers both wholesale and individual, in India and abroad.
Marketing of Handicrafts and Handlooms through Kamala the Craft Shop of Craft Council of India- helping artisans design for the contemporary market.
Running a craft centre for Chamba Rumal (revival of a languishing craft project of Delhi Crafts Council)
Coordinating publications of monograph on artisans, exhibition catalogues, etc
Liaison with the Govt. of India through their departments such as Office of Development Commission for Handicrafts, etc
Coordination of UNESCO Award of Excellence Program for South Asia 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2008, 2012, 2014 and UNESCO Craft Prize for Asia-Pacific Region 2005
Member Planning Committee for International Natural Dyes Symposium 2006
Member Craft Council of India team for Sixth Economic Census for Handicrafts and Handlooms.
Part of Team that presented the Consultation Paper on Handlooms Policy to the Govt. of India


Vice President, South Asia, World Crafts Council, Asia Pacific Region.
Vice President, Crafts Council of India
Past President, Delhi Crafts Council and Member of Executive.
Member, National Committee for grants given by Govt. of India for publications on Crafts.
Member, Govt. of India Committee for selection of Shilp Gurus
Member, Govt. Of India Committee for selection of Master Crafts persons
Member, National committee for selection for UNESCO Award of Excellence for South Asia 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014.
Chairman of Jury, UNESCO Award of Excellence for Central Asia 2004. Member of Jury for South East Asia 2008 & 2010, Member of Jury for Central Asia 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 & 2014.
Chairman of Jury, UNESCO Crafts Prize for Asia-Pacific Region, Bukhara 2005.
Advisor to UNESCO for Award of Excellence Programme in East Asia 2006, and Award Programme in Asia 2008 & 2010.
Advisor, World Crafts Council Award of Excellence, 2014 , 2015 & 2016
Participation in International Fairs- Santa Fe Folk Art Market since 2007.
Maison and Objets- Paris 2007
California gift Show 2008, Saw Dust Festival, Laguna Beach, California 2008
FIART’ Havana, Cuba 2009
Indian Folk Art Market - Asia Society, New York 2010.