Bye Laws

ARTICLE 6: Hoc Asia PACIFIC Secretariat

The President will in consultation with the Executive Committee, establish the Secretariat in an appropriate location

The President of WCC Asia Pacific shall be the Chief Executive of the Asia Pacific Board and the Asia Pacific Secretariat

ARTICLE 7: Asia Pacific Crafts Fund (Acf)

A Fund called the Asia Pacific Crafts Fund shall be established as a subsidiary of WCC Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific Crafts Fund could raise funds and or receive, collect grants, donations, subvention, subsidies and subscriptions in cash or in kind from governmental or non-governmental organizations or donor agencies. All such receipts shall be credited to the Fund. The Accounts of the (ACF) shall be audited annually by a firm of recognized Accountants and the audited annual statement of accounts shall be presented to the Annual Asian Pacific Assembly

ARTICLE 8: Amendments

No amendments shall be made to these By-laws unless approved by two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at any meeting of the Asian Pacific Assembly at which there is a quorum. No amendment may be considered at any meeting unless the form and substance thereof has been approved by a majority of the members of the Asian Pacific Board and has been set forth in the notice of such meeting

ARTICLE 9: Dissolution

The WCC Asia Pacific may be dissolved at a meeting of Asia Pacific Assembly at which a quorum of two-thirds (2/3) of all members in good standing

The Asia Pacific Assembly, deciding on dissolution, shall also decide as to transfer of its assets and liabilities


The By-laws adopted by the Asian Pacific Assembly in the English Language shall be deemed the official text. In the event, of variations or inconsistencies contained in any translated versions of the By-laws, the wording of the official text shall govern

Adopted by the 23rd WCC Asia Pacific Assembly in Suva, Fiji. 25th October 1999 and amended by the 31st WCC Asia Pacific Assembly in Hangzhou

Note: From the Minutes of the 30th Regional Assembly in Bangkok and the 31st Regional Assembly in Hangzhou, some issues were raised as follow:

The Meeting was also informed that the 30th Regional Assembly in Bangkok,September 2007 has recorded that the two national entities should comprise of the government and an active prominent NGO in each country,preferably the National Crafts Council wherever possible and the meeting was also informed that the WCC-APR Special Board Meeting which was held on 4th November 2008 has decided that each country can have two National Entities to represent the country, one from the government and one from NGO.The timeframe for implementing this decision will be flexible and dependant on the National Entity of each country.

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